Skate & Helmets

Purchase at a true skate shop


Our Suggestion:

Edge Skate Shop

581 Northfield Ave

West Orange, NJ 07092

Ensure your skater is sized properly


All skates do not fit the same and do not always coordinate with street shoe size.  This makes purchasing a well fitted skate online near impossible.  

Adjustable skates are not permitted.

Ensure the strength of the boot is appropriate for their skill level


A true skate shop will be able to put your skater in a skate that is neither too weak or too strong, for their skill level and size.

Skates are not sharpened in the box


A true skate shop will sharpen the your new skates for you.  New skates will need to sharpened before first use.



Helmets are required for all beginners.  We suggest a multi-sport helmet, hockey or ski helmet, that falls low on the back of the head.  Be sure the chin strap is properly tightened.  Your helmet should not be able to move once the chin strap is secured.

Hard & Soft guards


Your skater should have a towel in their bag to dry their blades.  They should also protect their blade while in the bag with a soft guard.

If you plan on walking on anything other than the rink arena cushioned floor, you will need hard guards.


purchasing skates (pdf)